Engadget Awards

Promotional shot for the 11th annual Engadget Awards show, showcasing the best and worst technological advancements of 2014. Featuring the glamourous Gwen,  unofficial spokesmodel for Engadget and TechCrunch.  

Orange is the New Black...

Orange is the new black...in tech.  Lenovo Yoga 2 ultrabook and Fitbit Flex, photographed for the new Engadget Buyers Guide.  Glad that more and more tech companies are introducing more colorful hardware.  It took years for computer makers to move from beige boxes to black and silver machines.  Thanks to fashionable wearables, and phone makers like Nokia/Microsoft, tech is finally getting some color!

Wearable World GlazedCon

3D pen from Creopop.  Ultraviolet light hardens cool-to-the-touch "ink" as you "draw".  This is the same technology that dentists are using to "cure" modern dental work.  The refills have to be kept out the light, or they will harden and become useless.  Fun use of this technology, although the freehand nature of the device requires a steady hand to avoid sloppy-looking sculptures  Click image for more photos.

RoboTar at O'Reilly Solid Con

The RoboTar allows you to play a guitar with one hand.  You strum with one hand, and select pre-programmed chords with a foot pedal.   Inspired by a stroke victim who lost the use of one arm, and could no longer play his guitar.   The device is quite bulky, but hopefully future funding will allow them to downsize the components and streamline the look.  It does, after-all, have to fit on a standard guitar.  Perhaps they can design an instrument from scratch, for one-handed players.    Click on image for more photos

Tesla Day Trip

Touring the countryside in a Tesla Model S.  Atrascadero, CA.  Beautiful, high-performance and comfortable.  By far, the nicest car I've ever driven.  And as a bonus, it is all-electric!    

13 atra_3160_BH.jpg

Monster Fashion

Monster headphone fashion show at CES 2014, Las Vegas.  Featured: Diamond Tears headphones.  Quality sound, with an upscale, high-fashion look: perfect for the runway.    These look amazing right out of the box, but are a magnet for fingerprints and smudges.


This is How They Serve Champagne in Vegas

The Bellagio, Las Vegas.  Dangling from a chandelier, an acrobatic bartender pours champagne at Samsung's press-only Visual Display Announcement at CES.  Samsung unveiled the "World's First Curved Ultra High Def TV".  Samsung also revealed a bendable display that you control via remote.  Flat, to keep it out of the way against the wall.  Curved, to create the immersive, wrap-around viewing experience.    LG also announced a flexible OLED display at the trade show.

  It was the light fixtures, however, that caught my eye.  I watched the bartender for a while, and never saw her spill a drop!

click image for more photos of this acrobatic bartender!

Click photo for more images

Samsung Announces World's First UHD curved TV

Bellagio, Las Vegas.  Samsung announced the world's first ultra high-def curved tv during CES this week.  Amazing picture quality with a curved display that surrounds you and immerses you into the action.  Like IMAX for your living room.  The picture quality was amazing.  


The Bartender Wore a Red Fez...

The bartender wore a red fez. And was a robot.   Cocktail robotics from Barbots.us.  One of several robots at the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular event at the Metreon, San Francisco.   The bow tie is a nice touch, guys.

Cocktail Robot form Barbots.us

Cocktail Robot form Barbots.us